Petit village d’Alsace niché dans les contreforts des Vosges… Zoomez pour apprécier !!!  ;¬)


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  1. Buddha. I dont stop desiring though… I just aspire to achieve something (or someone) with the knowledge that only some of what you desire for will finally be yours.’You are what you think you are’, if you think your boat is rocking… well it is. Take a break… I’m dong just that. Driving to Bangalore after typing this.

  2. Love David! He is so natural, down to earth, funny, all around great guy for TV!! Great interview! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures with HGTV!!Blessings!!

  3. Hehee, Oksasen kanssa voisi kyllä olla mioesnkiintlieta istua kaljalla! Kiintoisa tuo kieliasia. Niin se varmasti onkin. Pitäisi joskus lukea vaikka Tuntematon sotilas jollakin vieraalla kielellä ja katsoa, miltä se tuntuu. Tietty lainaan, oikein signeeratun version!

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